Bush Blackbird & Thrush Mug

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‘Bush Blackbird & Thrush’ is part of our unique and exclusive ‘Pub Sign Mugs’ collection. This illustration, from an original hand painted pictorial sign for 'Shepherd Neame', early 1990's.

Shepherd Neame Britains oldest brewer, is an independent brewery which has been based in the market town of Faversham, Kent, England for over 300 years. While 1698 is the brewery's official established date, town records show that commercial brewing has occurred on the site since 1573. The brewery produces a range of cask ales and filtered beers. The brewery produces around 180,000 brewers barrels a year. 

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Product Features: - Image appears on each side of mug - Microwave safe - Ceramic mug - 11 oz - NB. Hand wash only